Testimonial of Nattapong Paksee (Dew) from Thailand

Hello everyone! I’m Nattapong Paksee or if you prefer you can call me Dew! I’m from English Bachelors Business Administration ( EBBA ) department.

So far I experience many things in Taiwan such as food, going places, and culture. It was really interesting and new to me so I hope I could experience and learn new things in the future! And here is 3 words to describe YZU :
Once I chose Taiwan to be my next destination to begin my new life and studies. I was so serious and worried that how could I adapt my life to here because of the different countries and different cultures plus I’m an international student so my life would be so boring. However, GAO played a big role in my Taiwan study life because they hold a lot of activities and each of them is really fun and interesting! Now everything that I have questioned was answered by GAO :) and I can’t wait for more activities in the future.
YZU was surrounded by many international students, many countries, and many cultures. I have so many international friends from all countries around the world and it really makes me feel so happy. I never thought and dream that I could have so many friends from different countries and share each and everyone cultures with other. It was a really great experience to meet all of these people and I have to say a big thanks to YZU and GAO.
Everyone that I met here, no matter Teachers, people, friends, or even the owner of a restaurant. Everyone was so nice to me and kind to me. They know that I’m a foreigner but they are not afraid to come and talk to me. Sometimes the restaurant owner gives me some free snacks and it really touches my heart. If I have any problems all my friends try to help me and solve a problem together. It’s really made my life in Taiwan more enjoyable. Thank you, Taiwan

Nattapong Paksee (Dew)
Undergraduate Student
English Bachelor of Business Administration (EBBA)
Yuan Ze University