Holi Festival at YZU

The Indian Holi Culture Festival held at Yuan Ze University on March 11 was co-organized by Indian students and the Office of Global Affairs,

 bringing traditional Indian culture to the University and celebrating with friends from around the globe. This is the traditional Indian Spring Festival celebrated in India and Nepal. During the celebration, family members and friends splash paint on one another as a symbol of blessings. Today, Holi Day celebrations are being held not only in India, but also in Los Angeles, Sydney, and Moscow, all of which aim to convey an atmosphere of happiness and love.

Participate in an event by splashing paint on each other

Holi is more than just splashing colors. In fact, Holi is also a festival for people to forget their caste responsibilities temporarily. It symbolizes the coming of spring as well as spreading joy. Approximately 200 people attended this Holi Festival, which included Yuan Ze University's Hot Music Club, Guitar Club, DJ Club, and Recording Club. Friends from all over the world joined us to celebrate Holi together.

Holi Festival celebration at YZU

With students from many countries and nationalities joining Yuan Zhi's big family over the years, Indian students have brought their own country's unique culture to campus. This has made the students more closely connected and let more people get to know YZU.


YZY India Holi Festival group photo