Learning without borders with YZU's online co-teaching

To prepare for continuing exchanges with international sister schools in the new year, our school has organized 6 Pilot Workshops (online training courses) in different colleges since October. 

There were more than 200 students from our school attending this event, and 16 teachers from international sister schools as well. The results of this event were fruitful and meaningful for practical exchanges between students from both schools. The first session was the "2021 Industrial Engineering Pilot Workshop" directed by Prof. Yun-Chia Liang, Chair of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. The study activities were carried out with three professors from the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia by utilizing the school's innovative teaching model, flipped classrooms, lectures, and group discussions. This created an environment that stimulated cross-border collaboration among students from both schools.

Prof. Christine Natalia from Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia teaching in progress

Chair Li-Fen Huang, of the International Program in Engineering for Bachelors, directed the "2021 Gene Technology Pilot Workshop", and invited Prof. Roco Isabel Daz De La Garza from Tecnológico de Monterrey. It offers cross-disciplinary and cross-national learning opportunities by combining theory and practice.

Prof. Rocío Isabel Díaz De La Garza from Tecnológico de Monterrey teaches online

The 2021 Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Online Workshop was led by Prof. Chih-Yang Lin (Department of Electrical Engineering, Program B). Teachers and students from Mahidol University's Faculty of Information and Communication Technology and YZU's College of Electrical and Communication Engineering participated in the workshop. Together, professors from both schools co-taught and guided students' projects to cultivate students' international outlooks, learn how to interact with foreign experts, and expand the school's international visibility.

Prof. Tipajin Thaipisutikul from Mahidol University teaches online

 Prof. Miko Yu from the College of Management has organized two online training activities for students, the 2021 International Negotiation Online Workshop and the 2021 Behavioral Economics Online Workshop. As part of the International Negotiation Online Workshop, students learn the art of negotiation and use action learning and scenario-based teaching to prepare them for independent critical thinking. The course is taught by a former ambassador to Ireland. The case study of international negotiation has benefited students significantly.

The Behavioural Economics Online Workshop explores the bound rationality of humans, through the course theme "Understanding Personal Behavioral Decision-Making from Experiments", to inspire students to gain creative inspiration. Lecturers from Japanese universities teaching in the United States and Japan are invited to teach in this workshop.

Former ambassador to Ireland Mr Sheng-Kuan Tu
Prof. Anzai, Mariko teaching at the Behavioral Economics Online Workshop
Prof. Hideki Yamane teaching at the Behavioral Economics Online Workshop

The Online Workshop on Social Media Analysis was jointly organized by Prof. Ting Lie from the College of Information Management and Prof. Phoey Lee, TEH from Sunway University. Students are gradually led into exploring the mysteries of social media analysis, text analysis, social media and the Internet, as well as search engine usage analysis, and then combined with current affairs operation exercises so they can apply what they have learned.

Prof. Phoey Lee, TEH from Sunway University teaches online